6 Way Dozer Blade

Jenkins Iron & Steel

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    The Jenkins Iron & Steel Dozer Blade is a commercial grade, heavy duty, full hydraulic tilt and angle monster that will make long work, short! Featuring a 5/16″ faceplate gusseted throughout with a reversible and replaceable bolt-on cutting edge, this blade is made to take a beating. The Dozer Blade is also tall for easy use and additional material push and comes standard with a push button momentary switch to toggle from angle to tilt. It is available with direct wiring for your machine through the external electric plug.

    Compatible with:

    • GLOBAL
    • EURO
    • KOYKER
    • KUBOTA
    • BOBCAT
    • & MORE


    Overall Width6'7'8'
    Weight (lbs)95011501350


    • Ease of use
    • Save time


    • Full hydraulic tilt and angle
    • 5/16″ faceplate
    • reversible and replaceable bolt-on cutting edge
    • Available with direct wiring
    • Comes with all hoses and couplers
    • Heavy duty
    • Commercial grade
    • All attachments can be modified to fit a variety of tractor loader models
    • Various skid steer loader mounts available
    • 6'
    • 7'
    • 8'
    • Bobcat Wiring Harness