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Health & Safety Solutions

Elite Agri Solutions Inc have helped countless clients get their Health & Safety systems in place. From Health & Safety Boards to training and sourcing the necessary safety gear and equipment. We can help! You’re busy running your business, let us take care of your Health & Safety needs.

Certified Health & Safety Training

The legislation for small businesses is constantly changing. Let Elite Agri Solutions Inc help you get your business into compliance. We are certified to offer training for:

The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) is a Canada-wide system to give employers and workers information about hazardous materials used in the workplace.

The laws were created in 1988 and the requirements for workplace chemicals are being updated during a transition period as the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) is incorporated into the WHMIS 2015 system. Learn More …

Learn to identify spaces as confined, properly assess the hazards in these spaces, and create a space-specific plan prior to entry. Successfully plan and carry out work safely with an understanding of the responsibilities as a supervisor, entrant and attendant while working in a confined space environment. Learn More …

There are many types of potentially hazardous energy including, electrical, thermal, chemical, pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical and gravitational energy. All such forms of energy must be locked out, blocked or released to ensure that machinery or equipment does not turn on or move during installation, repair or maintenance. Learn More …

We offer Chainsaw Competency Training with a PSHSA (Public Services Health and Safety Association) Instructor that has worked in the arboriculture industry for 20 years and is ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Certified and a certified urban forester through sir Sanford Fleming College.

This is a full day training course for up to 6 students consisting of:

  • proper chainsaw maintaince and sharpening
  • an overview of safety equipment
  • safe handling of the chainsaw
  • how to safely fell a tree
  • removing hangers or leaning trees
  • limbing and bucking of a felled tree

Each student is required to fell a tree and perform safe handling in order to achieve a certification at the end of the training session.

If your work is in construction, rough terrain forklifts or telehandlers are crucial to your business. Have Elite Agri Solutions Inc train your employees to operate rough terrain or class 7 fork lifts.

In order to comply with specific sections of the Ontario Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and the related regulations, forklift operators must be trained and certified; re-certification is required every three years.

Through training an operator should learn: the fundamentals of powered lift trucks, the affects of environmental conditions, basic operating skills and the rules and practices for safe operation. The training should include practice sessions, under the supervision of a qualified trainer, on load handling, maneuvering, travelling, stopping and starting. Learn More …

Working at Heights Training is based on two core modules: Working at Heights Basic Theory and Working at Heights Practical. Successful completion of these two modules is valid for a period of three years.

Refresher training can be achieved by successfully completing the Working at Heights Practical module and will re-validate the working at heights training for another three year period.
Learn More …

If you’re operating an aerial lift platform, training is required on the safe use of the equipment as well as any associated hazards. This is a four hour course and can be completed at your site!