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Soil Health

While inputs such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium are the largest input expenses and play a vital role in crop yields, the reality is that micro-nutrient levels, organic matter levels, micro-organisms such as fungi, bacteria and nematodes play a critical role in soil health.

Soil analysis is necessary to understand a crops’ nutrient requirements. Basic sampling results typically includes; organic matter, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, pH, and CEC. One thing to keep in mind when reviewing soil test phosphorus levels is the extraction method used as some labs use different methods and the results might need to be interpreted differently. Bicarb and Olsen are essentially the same test and bicarb is the accredited test for OMAFRA. Other methods and abbreviations such as P-Ols, Bray-P-1 and Mehlich-1 are used.

The economic value of manure nutrients should be factored into your operations. Given the recent years of volatile fertilizer prices, completing a manure analysis and an economic return on your manure applications can allow for significant savings. With a nitrogen rich manure, you could stand to gain $100+ per acre by altering your manure application dates and methods.

Crop nutrient planning is an important step to grow high yielding crops while minimizing expenses. An independent agronomist can provide insight to what production changes can be made to improve on farm efficiencies. Many tools such as  .net’s corn nitrogen calculator or the manure nutrient calculator can be used to help make decisions.



As soil health is crucial to maximizing the performance of your farmland, it is important that we develop a plan specifically for your operation.

What works in one place may not work in another. Our experts can conduct soil testing to make sure that the plan we put in place for you makes sense for your specific soil and operations needs.

If you are looking for soil sampling services or a lab for soil analysis in the region of Middlesex, contact us or Honeyland Ag Services, for soil testing pricing visit: https://www.honeylandag.com/soil-analysis/


Whether you require a long-term sustainable soil plan, or just some advice on how to best maintain the soil health you have, give us a call.

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