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Road Occupancy Permit

Jon Jon|Mar 27, 2023

Elite Agri Solutions strives to provide background information on topics which are hard to research. In cases where no reputable print resources were available for us to reference, we interviewed industry experts, so it is inevitable that the contents of this document will contain inaccuracies and bias. Use this as a resource to help you ask the right questions, not as a source of definitive answers. Elite Agri Solutions and its employee will not be responsible for the consequences of any decision made based on this guide. Where text or data has been copied directly, the sources have been noted, otherwise it can be assumed that all the information in this guide has only been curated by Elite Agri Solutions and is not our original property.

(Information in this document was gathered from Provincial and Municipal Government websites)

Municipal Structure

Some two-tier municipalities have one tier take responsibility for all municipal road work. Others share responsibilities. Each municipality will have their own rules, but here is information for the Municipality of West Elgin and the County of Elgin,  provided as an example.

West Elgin

Municipal permit required for new access.

County of Elgin

  • County roads will not be closed, a minimum of one driving lane will always be open.
  • Excavations within 4 m of driving lane must be back filled at each day’s end.
  • If road is disturbed it must be returned to original condition.
  • Deposits and bonds can be required by the municipality, depending on the situation.
  • Proper temporary signage is required.
  • 1 entrance per farm allowed for farm buildings.
  • 1 entrance per farm allowed for farms more allowed if natural obstructions within field prevent reasonable access across field.
  • Finished grade must fall away from road with 2% slope. 150mm Granular ‘A’ top dressing and width of 6 m.
  • Minimum clearance to utility line is 4.3 m.
  • Culvert pipes must have a minimum 2:1 slope, minimum diameter of 375mm and a minimum length of 12m.
  • HDPE plastic storm sewer pipe manufactured by a CSA approved agent.
  • Culvert installation must be paid for by owner but becomes property of the county after installation. All maintenance and alterations are county responsibility as well.
  • Contractor must have proof of liability insurance for at least 5,000,000.


Highway Corridor Management Permits


If you are constructing or altering a sign within 400m of any provincial right of way you require a permit.

  • Permits are required for signs that are larger than 60x30cm within 400m of non-controlled access highways.
  • No permits are required for two single sided signs larger than 122cmx122cm advertising the sale of agricultural products that are produced and offered for sale on the premises. If product is not produced on the premises the sign can only be up while the produce is in season.
  • Permits are required for signs larger than 60×30 cm within 400m of controlled access highways.

Building and Land Use

If you are building a structure, drilling a well or installing an underground storage tank close to or adjacent to a provincial highway, you may require a residential building and land use permit. MTO has an online mapping tool that informs you whether your building will fall under their jurisdiction. Fences along provincial roads require permits for construction or alteration.

Within 45m of any limit of a controlled -access highway. Within 395m of the mid point of an intersection of a controlled access highway.

Within 45m of limit of non-controlled highway. Within 180m of the centre point of the intersection of a non-controlled highway.


You may not construct an entrance to a provincial highway without a ministry entrance permit.

If you purchase a property, the entrance permit does not change ownership with the title and so you must apply for an entrance permit when you purchase a new property adjacent to an MTO highway corridor.

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