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Utility Locates

Jon Jon|Mar 27, 2023

Elite Agri Solutions strives to provide background information on topics which are hard to research. In cases where no reputable print resources were available for us to reference, we interviewed industry experts, so it is inevitable that the contents of this document will contain inaccuracies and bias. Use this as a resource to help you ask the right questions, not as a source of definitive answers. Elite Agri Solutions and its employee will not be responsible for the consequences of any decision made based on this guide. Where text or data has been copied directly, the sources have been noted, otherwise it can be assumed that all the information in this guide has only been curated by Elite Agri Solutions and is not our original property.


  1. Contact Ontario One Call a minimum of 5 business days before you dig.
  2. Wait for utility and buried infrastructure companies to mark or clear the digging area.
  3. Dig safely using only hand tools in the vicinity of the marked areas.

General Details

Utility Companies are required by law to be registered with Ontario One Call.

Locates do not have a cost to the property owner.

Locates can either be requested on-line or over the phone.

Here is thenformation required to create a “ticket” :

  • the property location
  • where on the property the dig will occur
  • what the nature of the dig is.

Information regarding locates can only be shared with those who applied for it. Either the property owner, general contractor or excavator can have the responsibility of getting utilities located. It is of utmost importance that this responsibility is clearly outlined in the contract so that utilities are marked in a timely fashion.

The outcome of the locate will specify conditions (if any) regarding how the dig will be carried out.

One Call does not locate private infrastructure such as buried branch or service conductors, buried water distribution lines, buried gas distribution lines, septic systems and private wells. This infrastructure must be located by private service providers (hence the importance of mapping out what you install in the first place).

Utility Locates Diagram
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