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Health and Safety Board on Farms

Jon Jon|Mar 27, 2023

The Ontario government has mandated that workplaces put up posters to inform workers and employees on their rights and other information that is needed in the workplace. The mandates are designed to improve workplace safety, which is especially important in agriculture and farming.

Under theEmployment Standards Act, all workplaces must distribute an employment standards poster to their employees. However, it does not need to be posted in the workplace. Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, all workplaces must put up 3 things:

  1. A copy of Health and Safety at the Workplace poster
  2. A copy of the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  3. A list of the names and locations of your workplace joint health and safety committee members

For workplaces with more than 5 regularly employed workers, health and safety, workplace violence, and workplace harassment policies must also be posted each year. Workplaces covered by the Workplace Safety Insurance Act must put up the WSIB In Case of Injury poster.

Health and safety policies are essential in all workplaces. Ensuring you have followed the legally required health and safety mandates will allow your workplace to operate safely and will protect your employees. The information above covers only the mandatory postings, you can elect to post further information in addition to the mandatory postings.

Elite Agri Solutions works to prepare customized health and safety boards for clients and educate on health and safety policies. We will ensure your workplace is compliant with the required postings and information. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on this service. To see available training courses to cover your health and safety needs, see our safety training page here.


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