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Cover crops examined for benefits

Studies seek to quantify their advantages.   Cover crops never seem too far removed from the focus of producers, whether they’re addressed in a conference presentation, a conversation across the back of a pick-up or as part of a research project. The good news for advocates is there are studies with intriguing numbers to support […]

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PFAS the latest red flag for farmers

Relying on the term “forever chemicals” is part of the problem. In the past four years, concerns about poly/perfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) have entered the agri-food industry amid media reports alerting consumers of yet another danger from the farm. As a result, the phrase “forever chemicals” has become a flashpoint among farmers, advisors and others […]

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The tar spot season is here

Agronomists in the U.S. Midwest are already fielding questions about it. It’s not to say tar spot has become the most significant disease in the crop but it’s certainly garnering increased attention from growers and their advisors this year. American agronomist Ken Ferrie has been getting calls from farmers concerned with the arrival of tar […]

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The latest for in-field tissue testing

The accuracy of the technology is the key selling point. Debates surrounding soil- and tissue-testing methods continue to cloud adoption rates and usage. With soil tests, it’s timing based on crop rotations: is fall best for gauging nutrient usage in a crop or should you rely on spring testing for what the coming crop will […]

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New government legislation a potential for sweeping change in the supply chain

In an effort to end forced labour and child labour in Canada, the federal government has proposed new legislation aimed at all levels of production, purchasing and distribution across the country. Designated Bill S-211, it is the “Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains Act” and has the potential to affect production […]

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Welcome Barb Caswell

The agri-food industry continues to explore new horizons, with precision technologies, advanced scientific applications and a renewed focus on land stewardship.  To meet many of the demands that can arise from that expansion, Elite Agri Solutions announces the addition of Barb Caswell as its new Account Manager, helping to enhance its multi-provincial support capacity. Diversity […]

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Joint federal provincial initiative geared to a shifting economy

As Ontario’s workforce continues to adjust to the changes brought by newer technologies, the effects of globalization and demographic shifts, Elite Agri Solutions is offering help with applications for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) program. The availability of jobs and the skill sets required for success on the farm are being affected by advances in […]

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green farm equipment

Farm safety grows in complexity alongside farm operations

In an ideal world, a farm would be a business setting free of consequence and a symbol of management excellence. Yet the evolution within primary production has seen the tendency of larger parcels of land and fewer land owners requiring more employees to manage operations efficiently and successfully

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Green tractor and blue car on road

Safety While Sharing the Road – It’s a Two-Way Street

Too often, many of us overlook the fact that we might be sharing the road with agricultural equipment. Unfortunately, many of these incidents have severe outcomes for motorists and farm equipment operators alike. In fact, according to Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting (CAIR) data, traffic collisions made up approximately 7% of all agriculture-related fatalities between 2003-2012. […]

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Making the Business Case for Farm Safety

Did you know that safety plans and procedures are good for business? In fact, farm safety is an essential aspect of any successful and long-lasting farm operation. We all know that there are inherent risks with working in agriculture. According to the Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting (CAIR), agriculture ranks as the fourth most hazardous industry […]

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